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A few thoughts on politics, dependency and care

I dont really like the culture around NS or the consequences of what they do, but Glosswitch is often worth reading.


In Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?, Katrine Marçal describes the way in which foetal scans both reflect and influence our contemporary view of how human beings are formed and how they relate to one another:

The baby floats, an independent astronaut, with only an umbilical cord connecting it to the world around. The mother doesn’t exist. She has become a void – the already autonomous tiny space hero flies forth. […] The picture don’t show any relationship between mother and child: we are born complete, self-sufficient individuals.

Of course, this isn’t true. The foetus depends on the gravida for sustenance and growth, and the baby would die if no one bothered to feed it and keep it warm. But it’s a nice image. Dependency, we are taught to believe, is for losers.

And yet all of us are dependent on others, not just as foetuses, but as adults. And we’ve…

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Identity politics, chavs, Barnsley, and Searchlight.

As Dan Jarvis is the Wunderkind many are seeing as the next Labour leader, this post from when he was elected seems appropriate. He increased his majority massively to be fair to him.

The Idge of Reason

Last night, Barnsley, a seat where you could stand a turnip in a red rosette and it would win, was a scene of rejoicing as Labour crowed about increasing their majority. I struggle to understand how a by-election with a 36% turnout, where almost 21% of the vote was captured by far right parties is a cause for celebration. The win by a media friendly ‘star’ with no links to that community, something to be proud of? A drop in Labour votes from 17,487 to 14,724, in the year politics landed on everyone’s doorstep, irrelevant because the Liberal Democrats were decimated?

Dan Hodges wrote this piece for the New Statesman today about the recent research by Searchlight on the rise in identity politics and the challenge this brings to the UK. The effect of which Barnsley’s election result brought home loud and clear. I agree with parts of…

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The TUC have decided Britain no longer needs trade unions.

Not that we have had them for a while. This is the TUC’s statement with the CBI about unpaid work and workfare. I am going to explain what it means. We have had an expansion of welfare to the working population. Once a worker is welfare dependent, it doesn’t actually matter if they have a trade union because the government can tinker direct with the economy and their income without ever consulting one. The transfer of welfare spending to the working population, combined with the easy availability of credit, has driven wages to the floor. Now everyones wages will be depressed, and the percentage of the labour in the economy done for benefits and benefits alone will increase. Until we have a no wage economy of people with no democratic or legal representation.

The power of labour to challenge capital is to be absorbed into the benefits system. Trade unions are no longer necessary.

The TUC are umbilically linked to the Labour Party, who are umbilically linked to finance. The TUC now exist to undemine paid labour, and to drive down wages, so that the working population are disenfranchised, and unable to survive, so vulnerable to exploitation.

They did this because Frances O Grady is on 90k a year and why the fuck would she give a shit? The TUC have worked hard to prevent all opposition to austerity unless it can be harvested for the Labour Party and the finance sector it is done in the interests of. THey are vicious with people who challenge them. Old union bullies, They have delivered austerity for the Tories.

This is a message, The trade unions are fair game. The Tories never needed to ban trade unions or strikes, the trade unions are so locked into their fat trough they abandoned us years ago. Existing ONLY to steal our money, and provide lefty bullshit to prevent the discussing of our economic policy, its relationship to our social policy and inequality faultlines.

Israel, Gaza, and sticking your head above the parapet.

Israel, Gaza, and sticking your head above the parapet..

TUC Side With Bosses To Back Tory Workfare Scheme

the void

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

In an astonishing and genuinely sad day for the trade uni0n movement, the TUC have teamed up with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to issue a statement supporting unpaid work.

The TUC have sided with the bosses to sing the praises of the Tory Traineeship programme.  This unpaid scheme can involve up to five months full-time work, sometimes for giant profit making companies like BT or Virgin.  The placements are used to ‘prepare’ young people to be Apprentices, although there is no guarantee that they will be offered even this at the end of the scheme.

Just like Margaret Thatcher’s despised YTS schemes, Traineeships represent a wealth grab by greedy employers.  Once companies recognised they had to pay young people…

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The Idge of Reason. My new blog.

I will be blogging here from now on.

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