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I am Lisa Muggeridge

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This blog is my thoughts.

I have accepted it is unlikely that the next year is going to throw up a political solution to the global crisis the news is pretending we aren’t in. In the absence of a credible economic alternative, I am seeking my own. So while I attempt to defy the economy, I shall keep this. An honest recording of my changing perspective as history happens around me. My perspective.  Probably not yours. Which is rather the point. This blog is not written for now, it is written for later.

I guarantee  I cannot change my reality to match your current political or ideological requirements. I apologise in advance. I am often wrong, I mostly write  in a hurry and edit sporadically. Some of these post are unreadable but this blog is not written for readers.

I leave things here so I can find them, occasionally leave posts up that are not finished because I think if I stumble across them in 6 months, I’ll know what I was trying to say.  Don’t try to read them if they are just ramble, it’s a waste of your time.

The only line I take is my own, and it changes as I learn. And lets face it, there is little to do but learn at this point in time.

This is stuff published elsewhere:

My first blog

A blog kept when my daughter was small, which got increasingly political as the country changed.

My second blog

Is the blog I kept, as I realised we were going to to take the brunt of austerity and documents the year I met our political establishment. Starting with the left. It is a detailed recording of how the Labour orbiting centre left worked to sell austerity while co-opting opposition to it, in their first forays into digital media. It was never intended to be that and it is to the Labour commentariat’s deep shame that that is what it had to be. Throughout the blog you can see me beginning to understand the word ‘left’ is not about ideas, but about a culture based in same the universities and world as the ‘right’. This opened up my understanding of our political economy in a way I could never have hoped for, and I am grateful for that.

It is also a record of the bigger changes that indicated we have reached the end of the global post war settlement. It was shortlisted for an Orwell Prize, and I’m not sure why. There is a lot of writing in there that I am very proud of, but the year was a year where I had to untangle my thinking as I learned the reality of our political media establishment. You can see where my thinking is muddled, as I tried to unpick what I knew from what I thought I knew.

Both blogs have been imported to this one. The formatting is a bit off and posterous has been taken down now.

This is a selection of articles published elsewhere

Corroding the welfare state. A look inside the Big Society. Pieria.

Britain’s Food Poverty Problem. Pieria.

A defence of Iain Duncan Smith. Pieria.

Left Wing Comment Poppets disenfranchising the ‘working class’. Daily Telegraph. Blogs.

30’000 March Against the Conservatives in Manchester Manchester Mule (collaborative effort)

The occupation will not be astroturfed New Internationalist

Residents of Hesketh Bank vs Cuadrilla Manchester  Mule

We need a grown up debate about welfare. The Guardian. Comment is Free.

The bottom of our housing crisis. Manchester Mule

As long as politicians fail to reprsent us I say ‘meh’ to AV. The Guardian. Comment is Free.

Class and the anti-cuts movement– Bright Green

When does the real debate about public services start? Co-Written with Kate Belgrave. Guardian- Comment is Free.

My response to Blue Labour The Guardian. Comment is Free.

Flexible working works. The Guardian.

Cutting the ‘burden’ of child protection duties? New Statesman.

Domestic Violence and Coalition Policies The Guardian: Comment is Free

The demonisation of the white working class New Statesman

Why Iain Duncan Smiths welfare reforms don’t convince me The Guardian: Comment is Free.

Blaming Women.(Frank Field’s poverty review) New Statesman

We all have want ‘the poor’ have needs. The Guardian: Comment is Free

 Paperwork is undermining Child Protection The Guardian: Comment is Free.

 Single Parent at Sharp End of Cuts.

The fight against the cuts will be one that demands respect for difference Bright Green.

 Is it time for Abortion to return to the political agenda? F Word

 Students offer a glimmer of hope. F Word

Why I rejoined the Labour Party Labourlist

The Digital Economy Bill- A Wise Move? Labourlist

The Banks: Their recovery is our recovery? Labourlist

 There is more to women’s votes than pink ballots and Surestart Labourlist

I avoid the political press unless I have something specific to say, and am available for commissions, copywriting and other wordsmithing for money.

When I consider requests for media, conferences and travelling to places where political discussion is being had, I consider whether those events have a point. I have a tendency to say what I think which makes me useless for most of these things. I mostly say no.

If you want to reproduce something from here, please feel free. Words are ideas, they belong to no-one and cost me nothing to put down on a blog. I would rather you didn’t pass off something I have written as yours,  at least make a few changes.  Ideas grow when they move, and most of the ideas that are in this blog cannot be claimed as uniquely mine because I am in the world and this blog is my reaction to it.


Comments are open. I don’t publish people who just want to be horrible to me, but occasionally I play with trolls.

I don’t use advertisers, and only keep this blog for me, so I don’t accept any other financial endorsement.



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