Karen Ingala Smith

A reblog of htis post from the day of the ONLY budget in eight years where the opposition party mentioned the women impacted by austerity, who had had their ability to leave abuse removed. Completely.

The Idge of Reason

So yesterdays budget.

Five years ago, equality was rolled back for working class mothers. The combination of institutional and financial transformation hidden under austerity, directly mirrored the pattern of austerity across Europe and rolled back equality for working class mothers. I say mothers, because the word mothers is important. This happened to women and the thing used to do this, was motherhood. The services and benefits that become necessary when you experience gender inequality directly related to motherhood. Mothers are in fact the majority of carers for children and experience inequality when they become parents that men do not. The rhetoric that governed these changes was directly about gender, unpaid labour and motherhood.

This received no comment, no opposition. Labour and the left made sure this was not discussed and the Tories not only did not receive opposition but this was facilitated in silence. The means by which women can…

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