Actual Transcript: Official Labour Party interrogation of a Feminist member

Wowzer. This happened. In 2018. This entire thing happened. And it was our main opposition party, these peope must NEVER get near power. Wow.


Dan Hogan, Labour Party Governance and Legal, Official Interrogator (twitter)

Those of us who try to stay abreast of trends in gender will likely be aware of the current controversy in the UK Labour Party over men who “Self-ID” as female taking spaces on All-Women Shortlists and Women’s Officer positions. What you might not know is that Labour Party officials are also conducting formal investigations into members they suspect of holding feminist thoughts around “gender”, based on their social media postings.

File this one under “you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t read it with your own eyes“.

In that spirit, what follows is an actual complete transcript of a literal Labour Party interrogation, conducted by two Labour Party officials: a woman who remained silent and took notes, and a man named Dan Hogan. Dan Hogan works for the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit where…

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