Quin & Tonic

(i’ve discovered a worrying trend recently, which involves me starting all blog posts with the phrase “right then”. don’t know why, but i think i should probably stop this, and find a new catchphrase. suggestions on a postcard welcome.)

anyhow, the purpose of this post is an open letter to jared o’mara from the woman who was hit in the face by his bouncers while he stood and watched. yes, i *am* still banging on about this, and unless the m.p. [misogynistic pillock] for sheffield hallam acknowledges that his behaviour might be in the littlest tiny bit misogynistic, i will continue to bang on about it long after everyone else has stopped listening or caring 🙂

for now, though, i’m just going to leave this here. it goes on a bit, so don’t in any way feel obliged to, but if you want to read it and/or share it, please…

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