Key 103 Summer Live 2015, Manchester Arena, 19th of July 2015

THis is the debut blog post from Andrew Boswell!


Sunday night was a far cry from the last concert I attended, AC/DC at Wembley Stadium.I booked tickets for  Key103 Summer Live to see Rita Ora, but she’d already cancelled. I was not the demographic or target audience for the rest of the billing.

I arrived at Manchester Arena an hour early with two excited eight year olds and their mum. Huge fans of pop music, we entered an arena with 14000 people and the girl’s jaws hit the floor.

Minutes to wait before the lights went down. Key 103  DJ’s Mike and Chelsea welcomed the crowd and we were off.

James May started the evening, with mellow melodies, looking like Johnny Depp with a wide brimmed hat, long hair and skinny jeans. Laid back and quietly confident. This man will go far if he finds his market.

Mr Probz, who I wasn’t familiar with, on next,  looking nothing like…

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