Identity politics, chavs, Barnsley, and Searchlight.

As Dan Jarvis is the Wunderkind many are seeing as the next Labour leader, this post from when he was elected seems appropriate. He increased his majority massively to be fair to him.

The Idge of Reason

Last night, Barnsley, a seat where you could stand a turnip in a red rosette and it would win, was a scene of rejoicing as Labour crowed about increasing their majority. I struggle to understand how a by-election with a 36% turnout, where almost 21% of the vote was captured by far right parties is a cause for celebration. The win by a media friendly ‘star’ with no links to that community, something to be proud of? A drop in Labour votes from 17,487 to 14,724, in the year politics landed on everyone’s doorstep, irrelevant because the Liberal Democrats were decimated?

Dan Hodges wrote this piece for the New Statesman today about the recent research by Searchlight on the rise in identity politics and the challenge this brings to the UK. The effect of which Barnsley’s election result brought home loud and clear. I agree with parts of…

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