A few articles I want to keep here.

DWP on brink of meltdown. I wonder what would have happened, had PCS and the Labour focused left allowed us to point out that the welfare reform Iain Duncan Smith planned was not deliverable?

China warns of spiralling consequences for economic sanctions on Russia. The world now has an axis around which to spin the reorganisation of the world’s economic order. I don’t like the word ‘spiral’, it frightens me.

Midget Jones stamping his teeny weeny feet in the Guardian, telling us all the left have life in them. Be co-opted or be nothing said Midget Jones and his Labour orbiting lefty friends to those who needed to fight austerity, now wondering why the world has moved past them. I am a bit bored of trolling the left, who needs to. OPtimistic now they have crumbled away, about the way the response to austerity is going. Will be good if Labour win an election, so we can focus properly on those who worked so hard to make sure there was no challenge to it. I feel a bit sorry for Midget Jones here really, I might stop trolling him….lol The vignette of the media left has served it’s purpose, I’ll leave Jones to stalking Nigel Farage in the hope he can distract from the extremism of the centre position he is selling. Plenty of life left in the left and thankfully they spend it all on twitter…



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