I don’t want to get involved in ill advised and informed comment about what is happening with Russia and the Ukraine. So I will keep this short. We hit a wall with Syria, and Russia have just done something which demonstrates to us and the rest of the world that our days are moral policeman of the world are over. Balance of world power is changing around us as we speak and we are being introduced to our new position in the world. No point making predictions and firing off statements that are designed to make me sound clever and will be ultimately meaningless. I am posting this here to mark that this has happened.

That it is happening at a time when the systems we developed in the post war settlement are also failing is quite odd, in fact the symmetry of the post war project ending is a bit remarkable. I may write something another day, have been writing all weekend so I can’t really be bothered, but I wanted a post here to mark for later.

Here are some interesting articles I have read about the situation in the Ukraine.

This is in the New Yorker was good. (HT John McTernan)

As was this in New York Review of Books.

As was this by Paul Mason

This on Politico.Com is good and fairly straight to the point. (who are hiring journalists right now)