The Dark Knight Rises

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(the following contains spoilers which you really should read if you are planning to see the film, as you shouldn’t see the film) The alleged delights of being a contrarian are often illusory when the broad mass of humanity goes against your view. Film critics I respect, such as Roger Ebert…

All Things Pass. By Lisa Muggeridge

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? Once upon a time there was a magic snowglobe sat in a warm dark room. It’s light drew everyone who entered to sit and gaze at this perfect vision of winter. Children would stare transfixed by it’s perfect little world. Flurries of snow dancing around dreaming spires, refracted through…

Bosnia Protests.

Marked similarities with the Arab Spring, especially the characteristics of the early Egyptian protests before the traditional structures of Liberalism, Islamism, were imposed by the US funded media focused election that derailed them.

NHS Climbdown and the Court of Public Opinion

THis is a welcome front page, don’t get me wrong. But I have a question. Why is the court of public opinion, as deciphered by media, the only functioning check and balance in a mature democracy? The confidentiality of patient data is the concern of many bodies, patient confidentiality is at the heart of just…

Dear Mumsnet,

You asked if I would like my lovely blog to be part of your network, and I thought I would respond using my lovely blog. Which by the way is not lovely. It’s quite dull mostly and very political. Politics has always been one of the prisms through which I look at the world, but…

Jesus and Mo cartoon further.

It’s not even a good cartoon. It’s rubbish and it isn’t that funny. Now I’ve had to reblog a rubbish cartoon to make a point. You people need to get a grip.