The left continue to fall apart as they realise people have noticed they are sexist, racist, authoritarian arseholes with no connection to anyone, anything, or anywhere. Lefty Big Brother would be so amazing. Day 456464654 The left still have not realised they are on their own….

The Charnel-House

Above:Richard Seymour’s
Twitter profile photo

It would appear that the IS Network Steering Committee is already looking to dissociate itself publicly from Richard Seymour, the group’s most visible supporter and recognizable member. After
a tumultuous feuderupted on Facebook a couple days ago over the ideological implications of “race play,” the organization’s chief governing body is now taking steps to publicize and officially rebuke Seymour (along with Magpie Corvid, who actually holds a position on the Steering Committee) for expressing views deemed unacceptable by its leadership. These seem to represent a move to discredit or anathematize Seymour, in order to save face with the Network’s core supporters. Once again, the irony here is that Seymour has made an entire career out of “no platform”-ing and otherwise excommunicating various groups and individuals. (Mark Fisher once dubbed him, quite fittingly, “excommunicator-in-chief”).

Here’s the message the IS Network Steering Committee just…

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