A story of a little girl. A poem by Isabella Sorley.

This is the story of a girl, a girl who had one dream. To get out of the area she had grown up in and make it. In what? She didn’t know, but she would. One dream. One ambition.

As a child, Isabella didn’t have much,
a toy, a tv, a barbie and such.

You see the area she grew up in wasn’t that nice
almost everyday she’d see a police riot and a fight.

“You get used to the sight of police” she said,
“and the sound of the helicopter as you lie in bed”.

When growing up, her parents sent her to a different school to her mates,
something she’d learn to appreciate at a later date.

A place where you had to wear a skirt, a blazer and a tie,
aswel as start at half eight and not finish until five!

However when at this school she got twelve GCSE’s,
one A, five B’s and the rest C’s.

But after five years she knew it wasn’t for her,
so she headed to Newcastle college where got a first.

It was there where she worked extremely hard,
and after decided to head to leeds college of art.

Whilst there she learnt to be creative, strategic and to think,
and of course being a student she enjoyed the odd drink.

After the first two years she achieved a merit in a foundation degree,
got many a live brief and figured out what she really wanted to be.

After winning best creative director with her partner C,
she’s landed herself a placement in a advertising agency.

and after that who know what the future holds,
but one things for sure she’ll grow old,

With the notion that not everyone has to accept what area they were grew up in,
because in her eyes she’s got the win.



Tonight she is in prison for 3 months for tweeting while drunk, on an open forum, with threats she could never have carried out and probably wouldn’t have made sober. The abuse she has received on twitter is quite the revelation.


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  1. Sue says:

    Like the majority of women in prison she had a well-documented addiction problem. Which issue is more relevant for so-called ‘feminism’; protecting the commentariat or reforming the way we incarcerate vulnerable women?

    1. So called feminists are more concerned with protecting the commentariat. THere is no doubt of that. I know I’ve written several posts about this, but I cannot grasp that people are celebrating the incarceration of this women. I cannot grasp it. The incarceration of a vulnerable woman used to hide suppression of freedom of speech and make speaking a criminal offence. I hope Ms.Perez sleeps soundly because I could not.

    2. We are not women to these people. They have no concern with women at all. They have zero concern beyond their own profile.

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