An example of intersectionaity. A woman whose life is bound and shaped by intersecting inequality, gets 12 weeks in prison for a tweet with a comment which could never have been carried out and was unlikely to have been carried out the minute it was made, because a posh white women with friends in media circles demands the world looks different for her. One suffers real harm, which will last a lifetime the other gets a career boost. Intersecting inequality in  nutshell.

Britain is now a place where tweeting gets you sent to prison and free speech is damaged for us all. This is why that little enclave around the left wing press are dangerous when playing on the internet. One should stay away from them at all costs, which makes their role as the voice of the oppressed redundant.

Solidarity to Isabella Sorley. I hope she gets some support in being rehoused when she is released from prison, I understand from working with prisons she is unlikely to receive any support at all.