You know who you are. This is a thank you. In fact, I owe you both more than you could ever possibly imagine. Digital culture moves quickly and we get rapid demonstrations online of behaviour patterns that shape our world offline, without us ever knowing. Sometimes trolling, especially when trolls are as committed as you, and continues over years, can be upsetting, frightening, disorienting, but eventually something happens. Something wonderful. The behaviour patterns underpinning the trolling that so seamless fits in and around political discourse, become clear. And once that happens you are given the tools to identify that behaviour pattern offline.

To the trolls who I thought were so upsetting, thank you for giving me that lesson in a safe environment. I hope you long continue trolling me, it would be helpful if you would approach anyone you thought I was critiquing and involve them. You fulfill a useful purpose there too, the day you are exposed as prolific trolls on twitter is going to be comedy gold.

I don’t want people in prison for trolling or upsetting. Without that minor upset online, my future would look very different offline. Online trolling is noise, useful noise, nothing more.

Someone works in mysterious ways.