Di Galpin

Whether it’s Mid Staffs,Savile, Rochdale, Winterbourne View or Hillcroft Nursing Home how do we turn  ‘culture’ around when it leaves people hurt and abused?

And I scream from the top of my lungs what’s going on’ (Linda Perry)

Given all of the latest revelations in the cases above it is hard not to shout ‘what’s going on?’  We keep hearing about a ‘culture’ where normally sensible strong characters feel utterly powerless to change ‘what’s going on’.  This has to be addressed if we want to live in a society we can all feel safe in.  My focus on a daily basis is on trying to support frontline staff in doing their professional best to protect those most vulnerble in society from abuse. However, it is not just their responsibility.  I have been critical in this blog previously regarding governments approach to safeguarding adults at risk of harm, arguing ‘big society’…

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