The Economist has this interesting snippet about the potential for unrest, with a common global backdrop of the financial crisis(which is as yet incomplete). When the centre position of the political economy fails, all that upholds it falls away, revealed layer by layer as illegitimate, until the centre position dying is addressed. Crisis will grow and spread to each part of that political economy, and repeat until we have addressed this. Crisis in media, in finance, in Westminter…crisis projected out to a Britain not broken, revealing the problems with our current political economy.

This takes a while.

This is why the left will see no rebirth. They are merely a wheel within our political economy who have been used to maintain the status quo. Their flaws have been revealed as  a hidden culture was exposed to the cold light of day. The political spectrum is redefining with or without a Westminster response, and the left as a layer of political inertia will continue to crumble into crisis, until that is done. This is now about the cumulative failures of left and right coming t fruit in the institutions that underpinned that post war settlement.

This snippet says Britain is at medium risk of social unrest, but we have a very specific pattern of social change in this country, and while we are in a much bigger crisis than austerity, we generally respond to these situations in very distinct ways.

We reach the limits of our political economy periodically. There is no revolution coming. We are in the middle of a renegotiation. The problem is that this is not just about us as lefty/righty tribes on a teeny weeny island, the global post war settlement is over. We cannot even begin understand the implications of that for our future until the conversation changes.  So we just have to wait as crisis upon crisis force that debate to move.

We need to be talking about our social policy, our economic system, it’s relationship with intersecting inequality and the flaws that are becoming apparent in a media democracy. Our changed position in a changed world.  Plan for a future in that world. Not made up lefty nonsense sitting as a scab over the wounds that would be healed by that discussion.