Selection of posts old and new.

Labour’s Financialisation of Welfare

Loaded and the Spirit of ’45

Dear Deborah Orr

Dear Australia

Micheal Le Vell

Dear Owen Jones, a defence of Rachel Reeves

Election ’92

Twittertalitarianism as a safety valve for the rest of us

Getting sentimental about Beveridge

Who are the working class? The squeezed middle? And who is left behind?

Dear Nigella

Dear Janice Godrich

Dear Jamie Oliver

Why I’m rejecting feminism

Chavs: A demonisation of the working class

Things I am glad I learned

Response to Polly Toynbee

The New Leftand Progressive Movement, exploiting hardship and marginalising  those affected.

11th November

Drugs: The only debate where ignorance is something to be proud of.

Bread and Circuses Part 1

Summer of Bread and Spectacular Circuses Part 2

All Change


Euro Treaty

Stunning Victory in Egypt

These posts are taken from the last 3 years and some are imported from other blogs, the formatting is out and this has affected paragraphs and fonts.


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