The left and austerity *short*

The left, ie the cultures and individuals who identify themselves as such, did not fight austerity. The attachment of that culture prevented ANY challenge to austerity and the imposition of dogmatic nonsense onto an economic transformation that was nothing to do with it, prevented debate about austerity moving forward.

The trade unions at the heart of the old left have chosen and will be supporting Labour, in delivering their version of austerity. The organisations like the SWP, and the social network of the so called radical left have been an elite protective protective fringe around our political system to prevent challenge to austerity. The political parties and newspapers at the heart of the centre left are now selling austerity.

The left are over and are now just cultures that need to be swept aside so that people can speak. In the age of the internet we do not need these intermediaries any more and the spite and violence that comes with any suggestion the left are pointless is just the dying days of that culture.

The debate about our economic system, it’s relationship with social policy, inequality and political narratives is not dead, it was just suppressed by that bullshit. It will continue. It will develop and as people talk to each other without having nasty tribalism imposed on them, answers will come and knowledge will grow. The voices that count will talk to each other, and no longer will they be subsumed by strange elitist, misogynist, racist, entitled cultures who served to do nothing but act as an electric fence to change. Voices from grassroots are being heard, now that this is happening.

The people’s front of Judea can develop again when things are more settled.


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