One of the difficulties with managing the message politics when translated to the internet is that people answer back, the other is chronology. It get’s quite difficult for someone to declare their good intentions when they repeatedly show they are full of shit, and it’s quite difficult to steamroller and exploit people with an exploitative message when you have to exist along side them.

For the part of the twitter bubble who came from traditional elite backgrounds, where they were bred to believe they had the right to lead the docile proles, bred to take their place in power structures, and for those who expected their media platform to give them the right, it is often difficult to adjust. If you have spent your years at Uni doing your hard slog in the local party and pontificating about ‘the poor’ and making teh right connections, it is difficult to find the poor are not sat waiting for your answers. Or that they know your answers are their problem. Often you can delay the point where you find this out, by utilising a noxious political culture, the elitism of your institutions, and existing media frameworks, but occasionally it is hard.

It can be hard to fathom that not only can you not manage the message any more, but that people have the temerity to exist outside your thought processes and needs. The poor are always with us and they don’t shut up because you block them. For those of us swimming in the pool of digital media transition this exposes us to danger. For a culture where smear and lie and attack is the way to protect their ideas and power being threatened, it’s a transition. Stella Creasy had have it pointed out to her that she is an elected representative on a public forum and as such people may discuss the relationship between payday loans and the welfare reform Labour are committed to, within earshot. She could not grasp that reflex smear is unacceptable behaviour and she has a block button.

For some the block button is not enough. And they expect the world to not exist outside their delusions, these people are to be pitied. The ones who think because they press block the conversation they want to pretend doesn’t exist goes away. Even when they lash out and resort to the defamation and smear tactics that defined old media power structures, we should seek to find forgiveness. I think this is par for the course in the transition to digital culture, and we need to be patient with those people. It’s a type of blindness and they will grow out of it as digital culture moves quickly past them.

For the media types who are failing to recognise we live in a media democracy, who are used to power without accountability, they have not been bred for such an environment, they think the world is like twitter because their world is like twitter, it’s going to take a while. I think we just have to bite the bullet and accept how dangerous a place they make the internet, while we record their stars falling. They don’t understand that we don’t know them, don’t care who they are, and just need to change the effct of the bullshit they sell. This about their environment and culture, and their inability to differentiate between real life and twitter, their inability to regulate their own behaviour is a cultural problem from the homogenous world they inhabit offline. We must work to understand these people are a product of a culture, are afraid of the fact that they can’t compete without the advantage they did not earn and record the dying days of this system, and the role of our flailing media poppets within it, safe in the knowledge that this is what lays the ground for what comes after.

I think forgiveness is appropriate in these circumstances, they don’t know they are tiny weeny poppets in a new ocean of millions of perspectives better informed than theirs. They don’t know the certainty that comes when your perspective is grounded in realiy and not a message you need sell by behaving like children. Forgiveness is where it’s at. And enjoying the show they give as they flail and die…