A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about scab bullying. At that moment I discovered the limitations of an elitist, misogynist pack mentality left and they put me and my child at risk.

That moment was the end of my association with the left. That moment was the end of any belief that they were a solution and the point at which I understood they are a risk.

I could not justify ANY other belief after that moment. I could not justify it legally in terms of my responsibility as a parent and I could not justify it morally.

Choosing the word left at Oxford, while you use that education and those connections to establish your media career, does not give you the right to behave as you choose. The belief that it does is little more than a demonstration of what is wrong with our system and evidence that YOU are the system that needs to be fought. I am grateful that I had this lesson early or I would have continued to believe that associating with the fossilised entitled culture blocking up our democracy was a way of fighting the system. I am grateful I know this.

Understand that you can choose to behave as you like, but if your behaviour demonstrates to other people you are a risk and a bully that is not the responsibility of those you attack. and you don’t get to justify it on the basis of bullshit ideology that is largely about appropriating other people’s hardship. Solidairty is not the nation doing as an Oxbridge poppet who has never had a job or responsibility says. You choose your behaviour, you show you are a risk then that is up to you. Understand you will always be judged on your behaviour.

PS when that behaviour was compounded with the behaviour of the Spectator and the New Statesman, I understood truly the dangers of elite brats appointing themselves gods and leaders.