Will Labour reverse the ‘bedroom tax’.

Probably not. There has been a splash in the New Statesman as someone said they would, then a response from the party they wouldn’t. People adamant that at conference Labour WILL pledge to reverse the ‘bedroom tax’.

This is not a debate about the ‘bedroom tax’. This is the debate that Labourites have, to make themselves feel better about what their party do. They need to focus on this one thing, so that if Labour do reverse it, the rest of their platform becomes ok.  It clearly isn’t ok. None of it. from ATOS, to Yarl’s Wood, to the systematic market driven welfare reform that the Tories just finished off for them. The bedroom tax is one policy in an overall trajectory of market driven welfare reform. Reversing this policy, does not change that. It doesn’t help those caught up now, and it doesn’t change who Labour are or what they have done.

It would be an example of Labour shifting to achieve headlines. I don’t want a party who only shaft people they can get away with, if not much fuss is made. I don’t really see how reversing the bedroom tax undoes the economic and social problems in the approach they take to those they no longer feel they represent. I have no interest in debates which are about making Labour lefty’s feel better about working so hard to make sure austerity had no challenge.

Besides, Labour introduced the bedroom tax years ago to silence. Through Local Housing Allowance, for private tenants which provided the framework for all Conservative housing benefit reform.