I am not a drinker, but when I do I have certain tipples I like. I like tequila when am on one with my friends. There is a point, a couple of shots in where you know that this is the shot that makes the night go whirly. That is the last point you will remember before the night becomes a rather confusing blur which seemed to make sense at the time.

There is a memory I have, of standing on a packed but silent platform at Leeds Train Station, heading home on the day of the attacks on the twin towers. Watching throngs of commuters stunned into silence, shock, the last clear memory before the world went whirly.

Today, as it becomes clear that we may still have a functioning democracy, and the spell from that day may be wearing off everywhere, I feel like I am waking up and recalling that afternoon on platform 12 as the point where the world span out of control… even if I scarcely want to contemplate the hangover and clean up operation.