@naomimc A warm congratulations

I understand you have joined the ranks of the ‘breeders’. In the months ahead when female solidarity is what gets you through when you are at breaking point, when your invisibility from the world gets to you, when you marvel at the enormity of the task you have taken on, and the person you are responsible for 24/7, I want you to remember that austerity targetted mothers without what you have and those with what you do have. It punished them with poverty and a grinding hardship that your privileged little behind still won’t ever experience, and for many of them it trapped them in a life of violence nd control just because they were breeders. That all over the world, breeding is the thing that capitalism uses to trap women in a life of poverty and cheap labour alien to you.

I want you to remember that YOU were so proud of your disdain of ‘breeders’ that you and your friend behaved like 9 year olds, excercising class privilege in a way that most teenage girls grow out of at 12-13, except in the media class whose wilful blindness  sold what happened to mothers and prevented challenge, because one of those breeders dared to suggest that a vacuous article you wrote about ad copy, might have some relevance to women you despised.

It was your disdain for those ‘breeders’ that meant you had no care about claiming to be feminist while breeders all over were smashed by the government with the consent of the bright young things of modern feminism. While bleating about political flower arranging yah?

I want you to know that as a mother, I know over the next months and years you will need more solidarity than you were ever capable of showing, but when you are remembering history I want you to remember you were on the side of those who attacked mothers, that was what you used your voice for. It was the blindness of vacuous women like  you that allowed it, and your only response was disdain. I hope your child doesn’t lead you to poverty, to losing your career, or to a life of being exploitable cheap labour, I hope your child doesn’t lead you to being scapegoated and slutshamed by the government and I hope that if that ever happens you are shown a modicum more decency than you were able to manage when women were being hit harder than they have ever been hit for breeding.

I hope the experience leads you to write something one day that isn’t entirely vacuous and you one day don’t have to look at your claims to be a feminist with shame as you pretend to your child you were not part of what was done to mothers in the years before they came into the world.

Every time another mother can empathise with you over the coming months and years, and offers you a lifeline because they understand, I want you to remember that they also faced women like you, and the cost of your disdain to them as you gratefully accept an unblinking support borne from a real solidarity.