Paul Mason on twitter via Bob Farrel

From Paul Mason on twitter: “First they came for the boyfriend. Then they smashed @arusbridger Mac with hammer. Carry On-style repression of journalism. Only in Britain.”   I don’t really need to blog about Glenn Greenwald’s partner being detained now.

The greatest lesson I was ever taugh

The power is always in the social network. The social network is the hierarchy and to tackle power you have to tackle that social network and the people in it.

The disintegration of a social network is what we need. Sorry.

I read this article by James Butler(it comes with audio), one of the Oxbridge boys whose social network was so delighted with austerity, given a reason to justify their hobbies and attacks on people outside their class, until they are grown up enough to move into a the media politics world in the way they…

Missive by Adam Ramsay- advising the left on how to maintain their grip.

keep it simple. keep it short. show a clear injustice. provide a solution. don’t blame the audience. don’t think of an elephant. relate to people’s every day experience. stories more than stats. “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” set the terms of debate: choose a story, tell it, stick to it….

@naomimc A warm congratulations

I understand you have joined the ranks of the ‘breeders’. In the months ahead when female solidarity is what gets you through when you are at breaking point, when your invisibility from the world gets to you, when you marvel at the enormity of the task you have taken on, and the person you are…