The label Cis

You need more than the label cis before I’ll agree it’s your right to impose a label on a woman they may not know, and attack them for falling outside it.

I didn’t have a problem with the term Cis, it makes absolute sense as a label for a part of an identity I understand is mine.

I don’t care if the word is cis, scab, or anything else. you don’t have the right to control other women and impose your labels on them and abuse them because you feel like it. If what you are looking for can only be achieved by attacking women for being women and not allowing you to dictate their identity,, you are a controlling bully with a distorted perception of the level of control you are entitled to exercise over adult women.

I certainly won’t be condemning women for being women on your say so, because a word you choose means they deserve it.

Misogyny is misogyny however it is dressed up, and quite frankly I struggle to keep up with whether this week ‘we’ are outraged at the abuse women face on the net or saying it’s essential….

I’ll accept the word Cis as part of my identity again when it stops being used a word to attack women for being women.