So this week it’s ‘trolliday’.

I won’t rehash the whole thing, this blog has dealt with the troll phenomena by necessity,

This week I learned that the very vulnerable female troll who was used by Toby Young and Helen Lewis, to smear me and put my very young family at risk, after targetting me for several years, has been seen for what she is, and has been quietly neutralised. Responsibly and without her children being put at risk.

While I consider what, if any police action should be necessary, I realise it is too late to do anything. Too late to undo the harm that was done to me, too late to explain the police visits to my very confused child, too late to teach Helen Lewis that it is deeply irresponsible and disgusting behaviour to goad and exploit mentally ill women, while crowing about fighting abuse, to smear a mother who has done little more than criticise the Labour Party. To late to teach her about why only a cunt would validate trolls and deliberately put children at risk(and continue to do so after repeatedly being told of that risk), using articles claiming to be about fighting online abuse.

Certainly too late to teach the world about how dangerous someone like Toby Young is.  A man with daddy issues, who searches for himself on twitter and when he accidentally sustains a narcissistic injury, uses the full venom of the Spectator to play out his silly widdle tantrums, writing about fatherhood while happily putting the 5 year old child of  a woman he has never met at risk and visibly enjoying doing so. The troll they both licked their lips with glee before utilising has been quietly neutralised and exposed as a very vulnerable fraudster. One with children. And the adults dealing with it will move on responsibly while this pair continue to behave in a manner that is not safe because they are entitled.

So I should be whooping for joy about ‘trolliday’. As someone who has faced the wrath the Oxford centric brats and bullies led by misogynists like @stavvers, who believe bullying, harassment and putting kids at risk are ‘activism’, I should be delighted about Trolliday…

Caitlin Moran and Stella Creasy are both nailing their flags to the mast and demanding that ‘we take back twitter’, from the horrible people ruining it for them. They will not be tweeting for a whole day, they will be being nice elsewhere, to take back the domain of twitter from those who seek to use it to abuse. In both cases they could do much more to assist with removing abuse from twitter by examining their own behaviour and addressing it.

In Stella’s case, now that she is personally affected by the rape threats that come from the misogynist culture that our political media brought to twitter, she may now use her twitter account more responsibly. When she is faced with overhearing someone discussing the fact that she simultaneously campaigned about payday loans while flying the flag for Labour’s commitment to the policies which deliberately created that market, , she may in future choose not to use abusive behaviour to smear and lie.  She may not choose abusive behaviours like gaslighting or showboating to followers so they will attack on her behalf. She may choose not to abuse her role as an elected representative and threaten anyone who dares understand how disingenuous she is being. She may choose not to use behaviours which are more akin to an abusive spouse. In her new found love for women she may stop attempting to reframe feminism so her party can remain committed removing equality for the poorest and guarantee that the real physical and sexual violence sustained by working class women and girls because of her position goes undiscussed. Maybe the best thing Stella Creasy can do with twitter is not use it to abuse her position, to smear and to threaten. Maybe by reflecting on her role as an elected representative, and keeping her ego in check as she abuses that role, she may develop an understanding of what constitutes abusive behaviour and cease.

Caitlin Moran’s commitment to twitter being a place for nice people, may be seen as more concrete if she and her peers apologised to the young black women who they bullied and attacked using media platforms that woman did not have, and recognise this clear abuse of power as abuse, and clear racist bullying. Perhaps show  some regret. Perhaps she doesn’t need to crowbar herself away from checking her feed for the day, and just needs to reflect on her own behaviour and that of her peers, and twitter will be a much nicer place without Flounce Day.

But then that would require an understanding of what abuse is, the power that is abused and misused and the power imbalances between them and those they abuse. And I can’t see them reflecting on that when they can tantrum and exploit the real abuse that goes unchecked in the culture around them on twitter and off.

That’s really not likely to happen, and quite frankly the biggest contribution they will be making to the environment of twitter is fucking off for the day. Me, I won’t be retreating from the public domain to make a point about how spoilt elite women should be allowed the privilege of never having their opinions challenged and how they should be protected from the culture they create, encourage and use quite freely against those weaker than themselves.