Post about Trolliday

My post about Trolliday addressed the abuse of media power by those inhabiting the twitter bubble, however that does not change the trigger for it.

I have sat open mouthed, sickened, as female writers clearly had to address real threat to life and limb, to them and their children, threats of sexual violence are so normal they are like water off a ducks back…. storms brewed by self righteous arseholes delighted in creating that threat. I have never witnessed or seen misogyny naked and bare, the way I have on twitter. I didn’t know there were people who behaved and thought that way, even as someone who really has seen the worst of the world, and by and large I am very glad that twitter showed me. I never understood the implications of raising men to hate women until I stumbled on those with power, on the interweb.

The threats that are  by product of being a woman in the public domain have to stop, we have to address this en masse.

While I am fairly sure Trolliday will not cause Stella Creasy, Caitlin Moran or anyone else to reflect on their own behaviour, I truly know why many tomorrow will want to participate in this boycott and they have my support.

I can’t see how retreating from the public sphere is effective in dealing with the hounding designed to push us out, but I am one woman not all, and I still stand with those who want to make this statement. Supportive because that statement is one that should not need making.