Fascism for Twitter and the Opinion Polls.

A while ago, as I watched our political class left and right work in symbiosis exploiting the murder of Lee Rigby for political gain, I wrote this. The sorry saga ended this week with a staged manifestation of a nightmarish dystopia, as Border Agency officials opened up checkpoints in train stations, so they could visibly bully those of a different race. This appeared to be entirely so pictures of it could be uploaded to a home office twitter account which appeared temporarily managed by the BNP. A 40’s reenactment in the hope of a burst of racist populism showing up in the opinion polls.

Vans with ‘go home’ toured our fair capital for immigrants and anyone else to see, as the world is sent the message that we are a racist backwater and everyone forgets that we are all supposed to be Trayvon Martin now.

It took a while for it to sink in that I live in a country where government sponsored vans drive around intimidating those with different ethnicity to ‘us’, and government payroll bullies stand in train stations playing out Theresa May’s 1940’s Germany fantasy. For a moment I was afraid of what this country had turned into.

Then I realised, when a narcissistic individual loses power they start to flail, their nastiness comes pouring out, and as their power dissipates they become desperate to regain that control and end up making noise that shows people what they are. The narcissistic cultures around the heart of power, are flailing.

What Theresa May had our Border Agency do this week, was demonstrate the panic of a political class who do not understand the world they govern any more and can exercise no control over it. A government who do not understand the dire straits this country is in. British citizens were reminded in unmistakeable fashion that those in government can only see them if their skin is white. A reminder that those in government are a homogenous bunch who have effectively stolen power.

Unlike Hitler, who relied on new media power, and public support, this lot were left staging abominations to upload pictures to twitter to create the impression they are frightening. Identifying a new group to target each week in the hope people stop noticing their failure and impotence. This crap reached it’s political limits a while ago, no further ‘swing to the right’ is possible. Ian Duncan Smith is watching impotently as the DWP refuse to take responsibility for the hash of the Universal Credit project required for the rest of this wannabe fascist project, even the support of Len McCluskey won’t help him salvage this.

The rest of us eventually remembered that if you are approached by a Border Agency guard in this manner, you only have to remind him that what he is doing is illegal, their presence in railway stations ensured fascism is now a word used in our mainstream media to describe the extremism of the centre. This act of desperation, not a sign that the country is quietly sleepwalking into fascism, but a demonstration of why that is no longer possible. In a surprising twist, UKIP. the party everyone had hoped would continue to make the centre seem moderate, came out against this racist profiling, thus crowning themselves less extreme than the swivel eyed tories they seek to replace.