From a Facebook message I sent while not watching what was happening in Turkey.

I saw a tweet you made. Its not that there are going to riots on telly from everywhere, like its random, its that this is a global awakening. Occupy was a brand for a global population who have learned to connect via brands. The franchise around St.Pauls was largely as you described, there was never going to be a movement coming from it that was never the point. The nature of shock doctrine is that each shock allows transformaton but we are thirty and a bit years into it, and you can’t do that type of shock any more, because people’s entire knowledge consolidates with each shock. Neo liberalism is crumbling around us, noone needs to fight it- but wave upon wave of crisis has triggered an evolution in understanding that comes in waves. Each protest, each occurence, each bloodbath, each wave of policies, causes more and more understanding to build. That’s how shock doctrine is undone.There are things I could not say without being hounded 3 years ago, that now I dont need to say at all because everyone knows.It doesn’t matter if the word is Spring, or Occupy, or anything else. THey are just words a brand savvy population need to hang the first global expressions that the system which dominates has fucked up andn is crumbling. What is important is that a solidarity is building that does not need lefty tribes shouting at people. I partially stopped protesting when I bought Rachels school uniform last year. I realised the woman who made the dress had been exploited for the same reason I had to buy it and this system took away our choices and relied on us having the same instincts. Once that had happened, I didnt need a lefty telling me who to give a shit about. I dont need to fill a calendar with protest and I know that each wave of this glbally brings more people to where I am. I dont need to speak to them to know how the system connects us. That is solidarity.