Question for People’s Assembly and Owen Jones

I have in my possession emails which suggest the so called People’s Assembly, funded by those who have just announced that workfare, the bedroom tax, and other disturbing and inhumane policies are fine if they are Labour policy, (GMB, UNITE Etc) are currently exploiting and using the People’s Assembly to silence those groups of people who will pay for this.

Groups who have been used to advertise the People’s Assembly, groups made up of unemployed, disabled, and ill people, appear to have been used for the advertising for the People’s Assembly and then deliberately excluded from any planning or discussion as the Labour line is trotted out.

I would like Owen Jones to confirm that the People’s Assembly is not being used to exploit the political capital of vulnerable people who have organised and is not now being used to silence them because they are inconvenient to Labour. I am sure you understand this behaviour would be less than despicable.

I am not sure Owen and his close friends would want an article detailing how, since netroots, right up to community membership of Unite, up to the People’s Assembly, they have used austerity to repeatedly do this. ¬†However this article now needs to be written and 3 or 4 people who have a wealth of evidence of this really can be very specific and detailed in their accusations about Owen and his very small group of peers. This could be prevented if it was confirmed that actually, no, this is not the case.

Make no mistake this question is not going away.