I feel like I am sat watching the deification of Julian Assange all over again. Now, am not saying that the world realising we are in Big Brother territory is good, but here is what I know. That’s a really lot of very dull information and the combination of government technology and that much information, in my experience is not likely going to end in the most efficient way.

Add tensions with companies, human error, and a lot of forms and quite frankly they are welcome to monitor my information all day long. If you can make facebook stop advertising Acai Berries to you by changing your gender and age and Amazon still offers you choices that are utterly ridiculous, am guessing Big Brother isn’t really going to be that effective.

The internet is not private, the internet will never be private. Or secure. It is contained in very small physical space and the kid down the street can get just about any information about me if he wants. My stepson used to tell me my email passwords and interfere with my desktop while I was doing the food shopping and that was years ago. Our kids are going to cringe at how naiive we were in getting used to this digital realm, and this is will probably make us grow up a bit.

I tell you what else I know, the biggest problem the US has right now is not an all encompassing Big Brother power, but that it cannot maintain it’s reach. The springs and occupies of a crumbling post war settlement tell me the US have bigger fish to inadequately fry than the email correspondence of me and my boyfriend, it’s the internet trolls you want to worry about.

I don’t care that Snowden was into anime as a teenager and while watching his deification is fun, the coconut shy he is currently sitting on is not known for nailed down targets.

I have started considering the implications of privacy and VOIP technology replacing our analogue phones, those digital files you can retrieve are fairly scary. I might stay analogue for a bit.

You wouldn’t have thought the Guardian would want the new menace to be data mining and internet monitoring, given their journalistic output, what will Shiv Malik do if he doesnt have twitter? I hope this new interest in proper internet monitoring applies to the excessive tracking crap contained in their website. I told the Guardian how much I worshipped Glenn Greenwald’s column and I may have sent them a pornographic picture, but am sure they will not recognise it as such without a sink estate and a food bank to get their juices flowing.

If it really is that all encompassing I think they should call Prism ‘Little Sister’ and the NSA should charge for file retrieval, then we won’t be worried at all. We may be entering a digital age, but there is a world outside.