Paul Mason Quote-review

”2.The weakness of organised labour means there’s a changed relationship between the radicalized middle class, the poor and the organised workforce. The world looks more like 19th century Paris – heavy predomination of the “progressive” intelligentsia, intermixing with the slum-dwellers at numerous social interfaces (cabarets in the 19C, raves now); huge social fear of the excluded poor but also many rags to riches stories celebrated in the media (Fifty Cent etc); meanwhile the solidaristic culture and respectability of organized labour is still there but, as in Egypt, they find themselves a “stage army” to be marched on and off the scene of history.’

Universal Credit,  HUGE change to this dynamic. At least UK side.

Act 2, the clever proles. IE The decent hardworking taxpayer.

Universal Credit, at a guess I would say is looking fairly difficult if not impossible to deliver right now. Welfare has been expanded too far for this to be politically possible. It’s been too effective.

Those renewal packs are now causing the fear. Lots of those ‘I hate benefit claimant’ people are going to find that the economic tools that are welfare and tax credits are really the same. Self employed people face quite the threat. Rapid reassessment of situation. Political landscape slightly altered especially with workfare and A4E as destinations for outsourced benefit sanctioning. Beveridge financialised, and stripped down. What a vision.

This news story is because there was no capacity in our economy before austerity. A combination of debt, that housing bubble, low wages, and credit have created serious problems. Austerity has further expanded welfare, and the cuts have sucked that money out of the hardworking taxpayers pocket, and pay levels in new jobs are at suspiciously low levels. You often need to squint to see the money, if it’s there at all. Jobcentres there to enforce ’employment conditions’, as the welfare to work ‘industry’ expands to absorb it. Websites are apparently going to pick up the slack.

People were already maxed out with debt which owns any future income. Our austerity plan seemed to be that that this was the point where they borrow more, they can’t. Or maybe that was the plan? Assets collected during distress.

That household debt is invisible to political debate  is fucking idiotic. People were maxed out, now the payday loans market is  a government and bank created market. The pretense that alarm clock britain and the scroungers were different is over. That on top of everything else, pssh…

We expanded welfare too far and haven’t examined the control aspects of it, or why no evidence is gathered, or used for it, considering its importance as an economic tool. This has always been just fine, in fact desirable to make its expansion. Until now. And the political media that sold this, not doing that well.

Lets hope it doesn’t shut so many small businesses down that more  long term damage is done to the economy.

The government built a bridge, who’d a thought the tories would reunite the deserving and undeserving divided by Beveridge.