Earlier you moderated my comments, because I pointed out that Shiv Malik’s popular piece on changes to welfare, was  incongruent with his leaking of Occupation documents to Maurice Glasman.  After your efforts to fight the inappropriate use of political power by the media, I am surprised you are not receptive to me pointing that this was very shitty behaviour. Behaviour which indicates that Shiv’s lefty passion is not as sincere as he may want people to believe. The comments were left, until I was asked to clarify what I meant. Which I did. With no swear words.

I was merely pointing out that leaking documents to undermine opposition to austerity, to a man charged with  manufacturing the social conservatism that allows Labour Party to move on from welfare, could be seen as distasteful. Especially if one was simultaneously collecting career brownie points on exclusives and twitterstorms about welfare. It could be seen as exploitative and pretty nasty, given who pays.

As the resulting piece Glasman wrote was popular, and it was recorded at the time, and it was confirmed within Guardian offices that those documents were leaked, I am confused that the Guardian were so surprised.

But then, I always find the Guardian guppies shock and surprise about the way their positions interconnect quite funny. It’s like the constant shock that Labour’s position on welfare is still what it has been for well over a decade…that punishing women with poverty for their relationship status is not logical or right, or the astonishment that we should question power held by media, if it is held by those caring cut throat guppies.

Might I advise the Guardian that if you do not wish your journalists activity to be subject to criticism, which acknowledges the power the media currently hold, that you keep them on a tighter leash. If they cannot demonstrate intellectual and moral integrity, manage their activity so it doesn’t damage the veneer of your credibility? Blocking out those who say things you don’t like hearing is not the healthiest way to start making amends for your abuse of bought political power. Especially not in a period of economic and political transition.

But I apologise for any offence caused.

PS Re: your recent losses, I had an idea. The Mail is still profitable and many of the Guardians journalist exist solely to increase click rates for the Mail, perhaps you could let them go work at that office?