The original and the best twitterstorm ever. Balloon boy.

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Ok, so last night was a child free night. Me and boy settled in to watch a movie, possibly smoke some dubious cigarettes, and at about 10pm. I checked Twitter.

The top trending topic was ‘Yo Balloon Boy’. I clicked on, expecting to find a rather dull story, about a boy and a balloon. Oh how I was wrong.

So early yesterday, 6 year old Falcon(yes, that would be his name…..)…went into his back yard, and was playing with his fathers already inflated, ready to go, hot air balloon. Yes. You heard me right. Falcon, had access to a balloon, capable of lifting the 6 year old child, and carry him for miles,  in his backyard-ready to go.

Can you even imagine being 6, daddy having  hot air balloon in the yard, and not being able to t0uch it. This is akin to leaving a child in a room, with…

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