Advice to lefties by Owen Jones on how to talk to the proles. Don’t use jargon, ground your ‘examples’ in real peoples lives and go blairite with language….and why protesting against the Iraq war is not the same thing as opposing the economic system that demanded that war and our poverty so we arent interested….(he should have gone on one of marches with 2 million people), ¬†Finally, make sure you make a friend who isn’t a lefty….LOVE IT!!! I got sent this after this mornings entertainment. Is too funny not to share.God I am juvenile.

I agree with Jones, if you are going to lead the proles out of their docile slumber to not challenge Labour, it is best to make a friend who isn’t a lefty first….If it wasn’t so funny it would be terrifying.


Added later. The non lefty friend is apparently only required so you can learn to pick apart the right’s argument…there are two types of people…lefties and righties…and they all argue about ‘the poor’…