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Syria, before or after? Good question.

The original photo appears to be the lower one. The doctored scene, obviously,  is more useful as it shows immense destruction, to be blamed on official Syria.

It’s the same play book as the Libya intervention. Armed gangs destabilising the country. A proxy war.

It’s almost impossible for most people to read the situation accurately, exposed as we are to the relentless MSM presentation.

We also forget too easily that truth is the first casualty in war. There are some shortcuts though, like fully realising what Iraq meant, the endless lies Blair etc told to get war, the endless parroting of these by major media (worse than the Yanks), how all these countries have been  on the US list for regime change since 2000, that Syria is the US’ stepping-stone for Iran, the last great prize.

Like Iraq, the major intel agencies will be working…

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