@pollytoynbee having watched Serco long before 2009, I would say that that comment is as ignorant and exploitative as everything else you write.

You waved in privatisation and institutionalised slavery.It works you said. By 2009, noone with more than a passing understanding of privatisation could have made those comments in an in house Serco magazine. Same with workfare works when the poor are deceitful and idle. Beveridge created a political and economic tool which ensured reality was missing from that part of social policy development, and THatcher and Blair both exploited it to create a welfare dependent working class, the narrative you sold for years allowed it.

Try this for your next piece ‘I, Polly Toynbee, pledge to recognise my use of bought political power, in a media focused democracy, I will cease to hijack and undermine protests on issues of privatisation and slavery, because I recognise it is passive aggression to demand to speak to people affected by these policies after I waved them in.
Not only that but in light of the work my newspaper did I recognise the role I played, along with my colleagues in normalising privatisation, social policy development for the markets and the disenfranchisement of the ‘poor’. I am sorry and recognise people are suffering right now and will stop. I will cease to squash debate that allows real discussion of these issues, so a complex society can get political representation back, I will stop exploiting austerity for my own gain and ego.’