When you are skint, you need to find ways to fill time that don’t cost money. When you are at home a lot, you tend to use the internet more. Thats why mothers are a demographic of their own on the net, people who are at home because of disability, or just killing the time so that 67quid can stretch the time it needs to.  The indifference  of our political media culture to those ‘groups’ was to be  exploited for austerity, while they gave twitter legitimacy as their means of interacting with the outside world. And while trying to exploit invisibility for austerity they ensured the walls between those they needed invisible, and themselves, were broken down. Political culture was humanised, so were we, and the deference to MUCOWs wore off very quickly as the reality of the power it gave those on the margins became clear. I think that is why our political parties are in retreat, and are looking at ways to get away from visible contact with a public who wont indulge the fantasy that upholds their career, as the crisis they created unfold.

The left are happy to take the torch of the reactionary offensive tabloids.

Not only did twitter highlight how badly informed our commentariat were, it showed how far they will go to maintain that ignorance. Net tribalism didn’t uphold soundbite politics, it showed how cult like an organisation has to be to maintain it.