G4S fucked up the Olympics…

You can fuck up anything you like, but fuck up a corporate sponsored sports day that requires London to disappear into Mc1984 and you get an apology to the nation, first item on BBC News.

Google Doc

Worth watching. (This not the blog to come to for general internet privacy stuff, although the question I asked at the end of this article has long since been answered.)

Ask Jeeves

I preferred Ask Jeeves, then Google. Now, I sit and ask myself the questions posed by Google, and it is mind boggling.

Nick Cohen

In the Daily Mail. Well worth a read. 

To Twitter Management

While we were being attacked by the government, you gave us access to our political media culture. We never would have got it without you, they placed store in it, we thank you for that also.

Advice to Stella Creasy

If I were a female Labour politician, identifying myself as a feminist, the nice face of neo liberalism, I would probably reconsider campaigning about payday loans now that Libor has broken. Several debates are now coming together, there is a widespread understanding that austerity followed set patterns. No amount of radical and Labour media focused…