Because the Department for Energy and Climate CHange is a broker between the government and energy companies. Morons at the highest level have been convinced that Cuadrillas dodgy claims, are real enough to sacrifice Britains most important area of fruit and veg production. You can’t convince them with the argument, it needs to be pointed out the expansion of fracking is corrupt and they think we are too stupid to understand how the worlds energy resources are being recarved up, and they are wrong.

They have done this because there was not one single mechanism to stop them at local or national level. ¬†Regardless of the importance of that part of our economy. No press would ever hold them to account, energy policy decided by markets. Like c riminal justice, like the NHS. The coverage in the press, is more or less all blatant lies, but no-one can do anything because all parties agree. And they don’t talk about it. Dissent only allowed if it follows the non sensical but repeated left patter that can reliably be managed with an existing media network. When this is actually a question that needs to be asked alongside the G4S, Serco, police, NHS questions.

This is all much easier to grasp when you dont buy into special interest group against special interest group.