Swift Justice

I am no legal brain, but swift and justice are not words I want to hear together. Especially not while our political parties have so much corruption to distract from.

There must be depths these people will not sink to? Nothing safe from sacrifice,to deflect from political failure. Not even justice?  Sorry, that was a bit Pollyanna, I’ve lived in this country for a while, of course there isn’t and all it will require is ill informed political jousting on the morality of the poor, for our commentariat, to hide it. Sounds very much to me like dealing with an expected rise in crime as a result of deliberately expanding poverty, so it can’t be seen and therefore exploited. Criminalising the poor. I wonder what the situation is with private contractors, probation, and unpaid work? Can someone give me a Prison Industrial Complex… But what would I know?

The transfer of public assets to private hands, is a transfer of power. I didn’t vote for criminal justice policy development in the interests of markets. Understood? Noone else did either, or had the opportunity to vote against.

Added- link under Prison Industrial Complex added later, but not bloody much.