Am not linking to the story, if you want to find it google. First the headline. Travellers and slavery. Apparently we define people that way when we talk about crime carried out by people with ethnicities that are not Bullingdon White. The crime itself is horrific, and is a crime that needs dealing with sensitively. These people have been subjected to prolongued abuse, severe abuse, and a pattern of treatment which creates complex tensions and seriously needs a bit of sensitivity./ That these people worked for no payment is not the main crime here.

From where I sit, we have media outlets willing to go with racist, divisive, damaging, shitty sensationalist coverage of a story, to deflect from the fact that we have institutionalised slavery. It is tied up in benefit conditions and it doesn’t matter because those people are undeserving. Besides the voluntary sector say its fine, and our newspapers have kept their enclaves sealed with free labour for years. They are undeserving regardless of the deliberate contraction in our economy that has just killed it by creating that unemployment.

I’m rather cross about this story, but am half way drunk. So tomorrow am going to write something coherent.

To the media organisations that covered this, in this way- THIS is why you are in crisis. Fuck you.