The news might not register what is happening, as childrens service department after children service department are declared not fit for purpose.  This started before the election. We know the problem here is that these services have been fractured up, broken down, sold off, and that Childrens Services departments are basically there to pull fractured social policy failure together to create a service. the police, NHS workers, and everyone else does and thats why they know what privatisation looks like.

Neo liberal social policy at its limits, and noone ever noticed because every failure of marketisation is attributed to something else. Go read the Victoria Climbie enquiry again.

These are the services which bore the brunt of cuts, while Owen Jones, Sunny Hundal, and their circle of peers branding themselves around the poor, ensured narratives only really emerged if favourable to the Labour orbiting left and centre left. Invisible Children, but UK side…

The union which should have been shouting, had Dave Prentis, so they didn’t bother. Some cuts were ok, these cuts.