I wrote this…

Idiots guide to cutting public services. I wrote it before the election when I had ascertained what the priorities would be post election.

At the time I believed this was as a response to a banking crisis, but I have been fortunate. I had the privilege of time to try and fight it and in the anti-cuts nonsense, I learned about how our country is run.  That education has been strange, every so often I learn something about our political system that forces me to adjust everything I have ever known or believed. Your entire understanding of the world has to change, as you learn more, and in that process comes a self examination and an examination of how you understand your own history. Seismic shifts happen without permission as the way clears, and you realise this is the consequence of letting a nation figure it out for themselves.

I never understood how last years blog was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize. I read it back and the written evidence of naiivety dissolving is often muddled, and rambling as I circuit my own mind trying to square the abhorrent reality, with an understanding of the world built over 3 decades. While our political media, clarified how such misogyny and misanthropy has been allowed to dominate public services for a nation who don’t think that way. And they were ones pretending to fight it.

I am not the only one who has been forced into revisiting their understanding of power and how it has been exercised in their lifetime. Its a damn shame that I had to figure out what our austerity was, in the dark,  because the institutions that claim to educate sell nothing but deliberate politically sponsored confusion so me and mine could be targetted.

I know why the post I wrote was so prescient and since I have seen the people who ensure it, ensure it by shouting down vulnerable people, to defend their right to a feathered nest fighting for the oppressed.

I now know that THIS politics which hurts so many millions of people, is given legitimacy by a few  print media companies who aren’t making money, and they have isolated themselves into tribal idiocy with nowhere to go.