..how much I had paid in Union Dues over the years. PCS got my dues from the day I started earning seven and a half grand a year, right through to years with Unison, where they were the only defence in a system called cover your arse for a reason. I even stumped up for the NUJ, because I felt it was wrong to interview people on a picket line if you weren’t a union member.

And do you know what they did with it? Maintained an anachronistic culture of people who couldn’t face up to what happened in the seventies or take any responsibility for it. And feathered their nests and their media profiles at our expense. In the hope that one day the Labour Party would become theirs apparently.  If I had known the money I contributed, to protect me, to maintain my voice in the collective, were really  just used in the way I have seen in the past two years, I would have been horrified.

I wish there was some way to reclaim that money.