The Guardian is not a profit making newspaper, and your trust allows them to exist so power can be used for Labour. As noone is buying the newspaper, and votes dont count cos the media said so, what the Guardian does at present is shaping a political debate which hides all our current problem with no mandate to do so. We cannot afford media trusts to tackle this, so you’ll have to make do with blog posts. That the Scott trust can sustain The Guardian is not good enough. You are the newspaper that shapes the left side of neo liberal political debate and legitimises the Daily Mail by orbiting them, there are few ways to consider this a public good when it we live in a time where the people you are oblivious to have been disenfranchised as undeserving. Not while you sell our voices to those who rigged the economy and sell a debate which allowed austerity to tank it.

I wanted you to know that the purchase of power, exercising that power without acknowledgment you have it, and a refusal to  be accountable for how that power is used, regardless of the effect, makes you as bad as Murdoch. That your journalists like to feel nice about doing this, is not our concern.

The Scott Trust and the Guardian continue to exercise bought political power and undermine democracy,  and it really needs to be said, people are not voting, or buying the product in sufficient volumes that any right to do this is justified. Not while fighting Murdoch with such lofty ideals.