Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Kitsch seaside. Night time clientèle either adults dining in Michelin starred restaurants or binge drinking kids bored to death. TO DEATH!!

Simultaneously the ugliest, yet most hypnotic building I’ve ever seen. What is it?! Who designed it?! WHY?!!

Dreamland was the place to be in the late 60s, according to the old man. The intervening decades have not been kind.

Turner Contemporary. Olympic monstrosity. Tracy Emin: adverse to paying higher rate tax but happy to charge £15 for a mug.

Rodin’s The Kiss. I could’ve looked at this all day. The detail is truly mind blowing. MIND IS BLOWN!!

View from the Turner Contemporary. Ended up walking round with some arty types with a pushchair full of coats. Think I blended in, artistic chameleon that I am.



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