Popular support. No.

Policies which differ from the current government. No.

Money. No.

Ability to get any without further compromising self? No.

Internal war which should highlight limitations of vacuous progressives, infantile bullyboy left, rotten unions, and the people who run the party for bond markets? Check

Credible Economic Alternative? No.

Powerful media to deliver message anyway? No

Oversaw the period which is about to see the City of London turned into a toilet. Check.

Ability to cope with a political spectrum with markets at the centre, and the public aware of it. No.

Culture willing to lie, abuse and generally be obnoxious to demand people pretend. Check. (serve more as demonstration of ineptitude than a threat though)

What do Labour have after two years of the most unpopular government in history? Nothing, because since 1997 they have relied entirely on language, media and image, to define a difference between them and the Tories which is imperceptible to all but their closest relatives. Which is possibly why Labour politics is inherited these days…

I don’t want to burst any bubbles, but you have to stop being cunts or you won’t exist. Soon. I don’t want to alarm you but that isn’t a very healthy position.

PS Added later; the fact I forgot to add their current leader probably IS a reflection on Ed Miliband.