Right Wing Abuse…

Basically, since we realised that Owen Jones is aware of the effect of what he does, and is not concerned with it, we have started discussing it by including his name in tweets. This is a purely political act and one of of the very few ways to discuss the damage that Owen’s brand building around the poor has done, knowing he will be made aware of it.  We have had to resort to this because Owen really abuses media privilege, and people like @harpymarx etc really need to be able to discuss the things Owen doesn’t understand. Today he asked me to confirm when he had denied his privilege as an attempt to deflect from criticisms he is well aware of. I responded thus-

Owen, when you respond to someone explaining that you have erased 33 years of their history and that of their communities, that you havent, that denies privilege. When you do that in the year the things that are in that history need to be discussed, because inequality has been exploited for deleveraging and you treat it like an exchange of ideas of a troll giving you shit, that is denying privilege at our expense. When you classify an entire class of people underneath a history you rewrote, using almost entirely the broadsheet narratives used to keep that history hidden, that is denying privilege.

When your analysis, combined with the media presence your labour friendly narrative gives you, ensures that any challenge will be seen as a threat to you, and that is the discussion we need to have to address why we bore the brunt of cuts, that is denying privilege.

When someone like @harpymarx or me, make perfectly legitimate criticisms of your book which directly affect us, and you watch people swarm and shout us down and then cry your feelings are hurt, THAT is denying privilege.

When you shout at someone on twitter for criticising PCS as hard left, when they are actually an ex union member and rep. that is denying privilege.

When you argue with someone trying to explain to you that the policies they oppose are subject to political consensus, that they need to not think outside Labour as a solution that denies privilege.

https://defytheeconomy.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/dear-journalists-especially-those-in-political-press/ I wrote a blog post actually.”

Which Owen interpreted as Right Wing abuse and I’m blocked. So I’ll leave that here.

I appreciate that Tony Blair transferred democratic power to the media, so that the only function of the Labour left was to shout down dissent. I appreciate that Owen grew up in a world where the political media class do inherit the right to lead the docile proles, but its over. Given voting is no good, and the Labour left worked tireless to commandeer and undermine any chance people had of fighting cuts, it is tough if Owen doesn’t want to hear the effect of the narrative he sold. We will continue to include him in those conversations, so when other people search. they can see. Owen may think he carving his career in the Labour party, they are holding him up and know his position is untenable. Which Owen, I think is beginning to understand.

If Owen ever wants to discuss why it makes people angry that he has whitewashed 33 years of history so we could endure austerity without question ,  he can contact me or many other people. Or just unblock, we won”t be going anywhere.