Next year..

Our political press, including the left, will have to answer this. Why did you help deliberately ensure equality would be rolled back for an entire class of women, in 2012.

The answer is fairly simple and am very glad I documented it. We aren’t people in British society, we were fodder for an isolated left and right to argue over while deleveraging by stealth happened.  The Guardian and Daily Mail filled their pages with handwringing and wondering how much we deserved it to justify it to keep everyone busy so it could happen. And equality was rolled back with indifference to suit the banks because our entire political establishment wanted to protect the status quo, and it tanked the economy without any of them understanding why. We had to figure it out for ourselves.

Our unions were more concerned with the media circus orbiting Labour, our feminists were fighting for better ad copy and judging women on their vajazzles and it was an agreed sacrifice. Same all over the world.

The neo liberal consensus was consolidated with full approval by The Guardian, The New Statesman, the Mirror, and of course the Tory press, because they were so isolated from the world they didn’t know it was batshit. At some point, it made perfect sense to our entire political establishment, that equality for women is an ok sacrifice for a banking crisis, if they aren’t the women our political establishment can see.